Friday, June 15, 2012

The Little Email That Made a Big Difference

(Yes, YOU!)
Exactly a week ago I received an email. In the message line it simply said 'Your Blog.'
At first when I saw it I got an apprehensive feeling, assuming that I'd somehow managed to offend someone somewhere. And then I thought, "Someone somewhere? I have only a handful of readers and I know who they are." But this was from someone else. Someone under my radar....
The Not-So-Daily-Maily was started by me as hopefully another way of sharing me and my work to potential Mayfaire fans. But I know absolutely nothing about the format. When it says I have x-number of subscribers, I figure those are my only readers -- friends and family who've signed up in support so it doesn't look as though I'm just lamely writing for the heck of it....
Occasionally I've posted prompts on my Mayfaire facebook page, hoping that others will be drawn to the site, but it bugs me to do so because it seems needy somehow as well as more than a little full of myself, as if I really do think I've got something important to say. When anyone really goes there as a result I'm always surprised. Because when you post to a blog and the posts go by without comment, you just assume (at least I do) that messages are going out to the Webiverse and just dissipating. And that's OK. No one's missing anything; the Maily isn't going to change the world.
Anyway, when I opened this email I was reduced to tears. It was from a reader who writes:
"What has really blown me away as I read your blogs is how many times what you write has struck such deep chords in me.  Each time you blog I find that there is a kindred spirit that says, "Yes, that is it!  I get that, too".... Your blog has helped me to find the wonder of life again.  To approach life with a childlike wonder again.... Thank you! Thank you for having the courage to share yourself with me and others!"
Holy crap.
Not only did those words make my dang day but they got inside my head and whispered, "You see!? Every one of us could be making a difference without even realizing it!"
And I want to make sure that what I'm making is a GOOD difference.
Yeah, I know -- it's not like I'm curing cancer or saving lives or healing the planet. But I would like to think that inspiring another human bean to look at life with childlike wonder has to be sort of important too, right? That's what I'm choosing to tell myself, anyway.
And just an FYI: At any given moment someone might be watching you, hearing you, reading you, observing you, learning from you, being inspired by you. You have the opportunity to make a difference! Turn it into something magickal, 'k? Because the world needs more magick. And it REALLY needs more You.
P.S. If you're reading these words, I thank the Universe for you. Love 'n hugs 'n fresh-from-the-oven, triple-chocolate-chunk brownies to you, my friend. You're not just a rock star, you're a whole dang mountain range, and I am so lucky to have you for my reader.


  1. You rock!!! Your words, drawings and snapshots really do inspire me and I am so happy that someones email has shown you how special you truly are!!! Hugs!

  2. Ditto!!!! I haven't been on line in a while, but when I am, I love to hear what you've been up to. Your unique vision always inspires me! xxxooo!

  3. Big thankyous, Leslie and Laurel; your words mean a lot to me! :)