Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 ~ A Great Day for a Public Welcome!

A Mayfaire blog has been on my mind for ages but I've been too timid to begin one.

Wait. Scratch that, as it's not entirely true.

What I should've said was that I've begun a Mayfaire blog twice now and have just been too timid to make it public.

My most recent blog attempt accumulated a goodly number of posts. My plan was to contribute to it for a while until I'd found my Mayfaire 'voice' but when I went back and reread posts prior to this day I discovered that it was more about Me and less about Mayfaire. (As I have a wicked inner Eeyore, this is not always a good thing....).

Plus, it came to me in a dream that if I was on the outside looking in and discovered that six months' worth of writing had taken place before I'd been invited to read it, I would've felt like the guest who was invited to the party as an afterthought. And I don't want any of you to feel that way.

So the plan NOW is to invite you here from Day One and we'll see where we go together, 'k? This could be fun and interesting or it could crash and burn, but you'll at least get to enjoy the party in its entirety!

So here we go. :)


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