Monday, January 10, 2011

My Dipped-in-Gold Days

My weekend was crammed full of little treasures and golden moments. Here's just a handful of them:

1. Spending a happy morning over penciled studio layouts, detailed room measurements, and catalogs opened to shelving displays. (And coffee, of course.)

2. A sun-filled yet frigid walk in to town to mail a package. My nose froze shut, it was so cold! But the exercise felt amazing....

3. Visiting the local co-op for agave nectar and tea and being greeted by an employee who obviously likes her job.

4. Hearty egg-salad sandwiches and arty conversation for lunch. (And note to self: In future, ALWAYS ADD DILL to egg-salad sandwiches! Yum.)

5. Finding a lucky penny in the snow!

6. Measuring display shelves, making calculations, and dreaming of organization at last....

7. A head that's now full of imaginative surprises just waiting to be drawn on paper.

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