Monday, January 31, 2011

A Cupful of Fabulous

My weekend was wonderful! Full of movies, mostly. Every year James and I try to see as many Oscar nominees as possible before the Academy Awards Ceremony is broadcast, and we were able to pack four of the Best Picture films into this weekend. With yesterday's viewing of '127 Hours' (intense!) we're now cotched up; all ten nominees for Best Pic have been seen. My fave is still 'The King's Speech.' But films like 'The Fighter' and 'The Kids Are All Right' completely surprised me. I doubt I would have gone out of my way to see them if they weren't Oscar material.

Between movies there were trips to the book store and laps around the mall, creative conversation over cups of steaming chai (chai: liquid pumpkin pie for the senses!), brief moments of sun and the delight of watching feathery clumps of snowflakes alight on my jacket sleeve (stellar dendrites? The only 'snow' word I know....). I scored a free audio book (The Talisman by King/Straub) for this winter's studio listening pleasure. I found two lucky pennies, one quarter, and a dime! I ate popcorn and covered my eyes and had my mind opened a little bit. I knitted a pair of slippers for the Grandbug, logged a bunch of miles on the pedometer, made a friend on Twitter, and did some Mystery Mentoring. I curled up in front of 'Downton Abbey' and stirred rich droplets of melted butter floating on the surface of my supper of oyster stew.

And now it's Monday and time for me to get back in the studio.

As it always does, the weekend went by so fast! But as it almost always is, it was a cup full of fabulous. I hope yours was, too. :)

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