Thursday, January 20, 2011

Break Time

My day is already full of Busy and I need a reason to take a break, so as long as I'm having tea we may as well have tea together. I hope you like Earl Grey. :)

My world is a mess at the moment and I'm picking away at it by degrees.... I didn't tell you that I'm gutting the studio and giving it a much-needed overhaul as my New Year's gift to myself, did I? I've been dreaming about doing so for years and the happy day (make that week; or maybe even month) has finally arrived. I thought it would never get here!

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point my studio became the receptacle for everything here that doesn't have a proper place, and now it looks like a science experiment, overgrown with a fungus of 'stuff.' Or at least it did up until last Saturday. I'd open the door to it and know that somewhere under all that clutter there lurked my behemoth of a drawing table, wondering what it did to deserve my neglect.

The idea of wedging myself in there to deal with the mess was overwhelming, so I avoided the task completely. But that didn't stop me from fantasizing about the end result. In my Studio Overhaul dreams I imagined myself magically recreating the room like something out of a magazine, complete with beautiful built-ins and cute baskets full of art supplies. Not just perfect, either, but Martha perfect.

Well, it would never get anywhere NEAR Martha perfect with me just sitting around dreaming about it magically being so. So last Saturday I went in the room with dozens of empty boxes and shoveled stuff in willy-nilly, just like the clean-up crew on an episode of Hoarders. Then James and I spent the rest of the 3-day weekend hauling crap downstairs and stacking it everywhere before painstakingly building shelves and putting them in place.

The 3-day weekend was my time frame, and Monday night was my deadline. But the shoveling of the stuff and the carrying out of boxes took up so much of it all that I missed my opportunity to paint the room prior to putting up the shelving units, so it's still blue. Which kind of bugged me (still does a little) until I walked into it in the middle of the night on Sunday just to revel in its emptiness and picked up a vibe that seemed to suggest that the Old Studio had been afraid that I was trying to eradicate it completely but felt better now that I'd at least left its walls alone.

Anyway, it's Thursday and I'd planned to have the boxes all returned by now so that I can begin the long process of organizing their contents, but by the looks of my living room that didn't happen.... Well, if there's anything I hate worse than my inability to be organized, it's having to climb over mountains of the evidence. I want my life back! So how about we have just one more cup of tea, and then it's back to work for me, 'k?

But if you don't see another post from me by the weekend, send a search party. :)

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